Ogunyinka, Olawale Ige & Onwuasoanya, Nzube. C

Millions of metric tons a day of rubbish are thought to be produced by urban people. As a result, urban cities face a serious environmental issue with waste disposal. Government in these urban regions used Private Sector Participation (PSP) to improve trash disposal in the city in order to control the issue. Residents frequently have trouble getting in touch with these operators, thus they frequently dump their waste at unapproved locations such roadside ditches, partially constructed structures, and undeveloped properties. These disposal techniques put the city's ecology and residents' health at danger. This study examines the potential for employing an Android Application (App) to improve garbage disposal among residents of an Urban Settlement in order to ensure that residents dispose of waste properly when the need arises. This app creates a unique code for each subscriber and registers them as PSP operators' subscribers. This code is used to ask the PSP operator to dispose of waste and to compensate the operator when that request is granted. The adoption of this app ensures that an operator has a sufficient database of subscribers and gives subscribers a way to contact the PSP operator whenever they need to dispose of waste. According to the study's findings, waste management in metropolitan areas can be improved if residents have a way to contact their waste managers whenever they have a need, as opposed to waiting until the majority of the waste has been put in illegal dumpsites. Keywords: Waste Disposal, Android Application, Private Sector Participation, Urban Settlement 0150