Theophilus O. Attah & Ayodele Oduwole

This study examines the ecological health and navigational potential of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) Lagoon Front, which is part of the Lagos Lagoon system, using high-resolution bathymetric mapping surveys. Nigeria faces environmental challenges due to human activities, resulting in pollution and threats to ecological integrity and human well-being. The investigation reveals significant variations in water depth and lagoon bed shape, impacting aquatic life and navigation. Deeper areas are crucial habitats for larger fish species, while shallower parts support benthic creatures. Navigational safety varies, with deeper regions providing smooth passage for boats, while shallow areas pose challenges, particularly for larger vessels. Striking a balance between navigational safety, ecological needs, and biodiversity preservation is essential for sustainable use and conservation. The findings offer insights for coastal management, environmental protection, and sustainable development, guiding effective strategies to address Lagos Lagoon's challenges. Keywords: Aquatic life, Bathymetry, Biodiversity, Navigation, Sustainable 0150