Adeoye, Adedoyin Comfort & Jimoh, Ibrahim Bamidele

This study examined the relationship between labour management relationship and job performance of academic staff in the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro. The population of the study consisted of all academic staff members within the institution. A questionnaire survey was employed as the primary method of data collection. The objective of the study was to investigate whether a significant relationship exists between labour management relationship and job performance among the academic staff. The study focused on assessing the impact of factors such as effective communication, employee involvement in decision-making, feedback mechanisms, and recognition of employee contributions on job performance. The study's findings revealed that the labour-management interaction has a substantial impact on job performance. Employee job performance was positively influenced when there was a constructive and collaborative labour management relationship defined by open communication, involvement in decision-making, regular feedback, and appreciation of employee contributions. These findings emphasize the importance of establishing and nurturing a favourable labour management relationship within the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro. It proposes that management prioritize effective communication channels, stimulate employee involvement in decision-making processes, create feedback mechanisms, and acknowledge and respect employee contributions. Key Words: Labour, Management, Labour Management Relationship, Job performance, Academic Staff 0150