Sangosina, M. I & Obi, G. C

Herbs as antibiotic has been propagated by FAO which has led to increase in organic farming. Africana parquetina also known as bullock is one of the numerous valuable medicinal plants from tropical Africa that have been used medically all over the world. To ascertain the medicinal fitness of Africana arquetina in livestock production, this research evaluated the phytochemical constituent of African parquetina leaf. African parquetina leaf was harvested from the Ilaro Forest Reserve, Ogun State. Four hundred grammes was weighed into a litre of water and soaked for 72 hours. It was afterwards filtered. The filtrate was taken to the laboratory for analysis. Phytochemical and mineral evaluation revealed that African parquetina leaf extract contains alkaloids (0.22 mg/100g), glycosides (0.01 mg/100g), flavonoids (5.89 mg/100g), phenols (0.11 mg/100g), saponin (0.5 mg/100g), tannin (0.04 mg/100g), steroids (0.00 mg/100g), Mn (1.09 mg/kg), Na (159.11 mg/kg), K (594.51 mg/kg), Ca (161.25 mg/kg) Fe (1.05 mg/kg) Cu (0.14 mg/kg) Se (68.24 mg/kg) Zn (1.09 mg/kg). The findings indicated that the African parquetina leaf extract has good nutritional quality due to high mineral concentrations, particularly calcium and potassium, and the resulting phytochemical properties. It was concluded that it could be used as feed additives in monogastric animal production. Keyword: African parquetina, aqueous extract, mineral composition, phytochemical compositio 0150