Mosaku Azeez & Elisha Joseph

Technology could be regarded as the use of technical knowledge for the production of machinery meant to suit mankind. It holds widely in the field of medicine, science, industry, communication, transportation, and other daily activities. Africa as the continent has been so backward in terms of technology, to the point that its citizens are so poor in all dimensions. For her development to be rapid, she must embrace technology in all ramifications, such abut as industry, energy, power, and agriculture, to mention but a few. It is worthy of note that the development of any environment is a function of its technological improvement and advancement, but not necessarily the use of importation technology for her own technological and industrial needs as opined in the African world. Technologically, Africa is nowhere to be found, as a result of, especially, the attitudes of the leaders in government, aligning themselves with the Western world to the detriment of the African technological development and the entire black populace. Africa is nowhere to be found on this path of development in the continental world and indeed, a derailment in the phase of her economy. In short, this paper focuses on Africa and the need for technological development, so as to climb out of her present state of predicaments, for a better economy. The paper was based on the principle of thematic research. Keywords: Africa, Technology, Development, Predicaments 0150