Jayeoba, Babatunde O. And Olaifa, Babatunde A.

Monitoring human attendance and punctuality are key factors in performance evaluation of any organization. This head count of people can be achieved using biometric driven modern technology to avoid tedious, misplacement/loss, dubious manipulation and error prone means present with orthodox techniques. This study aimed at design and construction of fingerprint biometric attendance machine for institutional application. Proteus 8.9 electronics application simulation software was used to design and simulate the system circuitry before hardware realization/construction through placement and soldering methods of components and subsystems. The brain of the system was centralized on Arduino UNO3 microcontroller board programmed through Arduino IDE to accept, process and store user’s data during communication between the input component R305-fingerprint module and output components; the liquid crystal display LCD/serial monitor. Modified C-language was used as instructional language for programming the microcontroller which coordinates all input and output signals. The system was constructed and programmed to capture user’s fingerprint image and assign it to student Matric Number, it registers, stores and verifies the ID for subsequent entry check with corresponding time of activities. The system was designed and constructed to work on direct current power supply, it can register and store 980 fingerprints. The system was calibrated and tested with a small sample of students and found efficient in terms of execution time and backup power. The system is durable, portable and has a rechargeable dc power supply. It is therefore recommended that it should be adopted in any organization where other means of attendance can be fraudulently manipulated to curb absenteeism, and other problems associated with orthodox means of attendance monitoring. Keywords: Fingerprint module, Biometrics identification, IDE, C-language, Arduino UNO3, microcontroller                                                                     0150