Bako, Zainab F. & Abiala, Anuoluwapo F.

The study examines the connection between customer happiness and customer relationship management (CRM) in the Nigerian banking sector. A survey was performed as part of the study, which employed a quantitative research approach. A questionnaire was used to gather the primary data. Due to the size of the population, a sample size of 396 customers from Ilaro, Ogun State, will be sufficient. The validity of the questionnaire was assessed using a trustworthy Cronbach's Alpha. Simple percentages were used to analyse the biodata, and SPSS's descriptive statistics and inferential statistical techniques, such as regression analysis and pairwise correlation, were used to determine the relationship between customer responses on the independent variable (customer satisfaction). The results demonstrate a favourable association between the many aspects of customer satisfaction, such as trust, commitment, binding, and commitment, and customer contentment. According to the findings, it was advised that the bank remain providing clients with great customer service in order to continue delighting them via adherence, bonding, and trust. Keywords: Trust, Bounding, Commitment and Customer satisfaction                                                                     0150