Ibrahim G.w & Sanni E. O

The indiscriminate disposal of waste plastics bottles and tin cans constitutes environmental degradation, health hazards and safety threat. It makes waste management to be more tasking and relatively expensive. These nonbiodegradable trash can be shredded, which is more cost-effective, healthier, and safer for the environment. Thus, the goal of this research project is to create a motorized machine for shredding used plastic bottles and tin cans from garbage using resources that are readily available in the area. The machine is made to use both fixed and rotary blades that are turned by a high-speed 1400rpm electric motor. This allows the plastic to soften before being cut into smaller pieces by the blades. The developed commingled waste plastics washing and shredding machine is used in conjunction with an extrusion-injection molding machine in a waste processing facility to produce plastic lumber. The machine performs the cleaning and shredding operation within a single chamber, thereby reducing the need for two separate units. Results show that the shredding of plastic is more efficient than shredding nylon materials. Due to an issue that arose during the fabrication process, the machine was first created to minimize, reuse, and recycle plastic in order to limit the amount of environmental pollution. Keywords: disposal, plastic shredding, fabrication, healthy, environmental pollution 0150