Olugbenga Adetona

Studies on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) at academic institutions primarily focus on students, with little attention paid to lecturers in higher education institutions such as universities, and polytechnics. IEQ represents a space that has different environmental conditions that affect people's lives in a building such as “Indoor air quality (IAQ), lighting, thermal comfort, acoustics, ergonomics” IEQ assesses the extent to which lecture Hall settings provide the expected comfort that lecturers require to contribute to the completion of specific academic tasks. The data for this study were gathered from 206 lecturers at Federal Polytechnic Ilaro that responded to the google suvery out of the academic staff of the Polytechnic. SPSS was used to examine the data, and the findings from various variables and parameters reveal that the correlation and regression values are 0.05. Some lecture halls identified by respondents as failing to fulfil IEQ criteria were recommended to be retrofitted. Keywords: Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), Ergonomics, Academic Institution 0150