Maria Kisugu Obun-andy & Oluwaseun Dokunmu

Information is power and the Role of the Media in promoting, informing, and educating society about the importance of a Sustainable Environment cannot be overstressed since society depends on the information from the media on environmental issues, etc. The media on this issue play an important part by providing information about events in society and helping in the development of a country. This study focused on Newspaper coverage of Environmental Sustainability issues in Nigeria from February 2023 to July 2023. Vanguard and Guardian newspaper were selected for this study. The study adopted Content analysis as a research design. The population for the study comprises of all the issues in the two newspapers. Simple Random Sampling was used for the selections of the newspapers to allow for equal opportunity while purposive sampling was adopted for the selection of 139 needed editions covered for six months. Agenda Setting was used as theoretical framework. Findings revealed that both newspapers gave attention to issues of environmental news though Vanguard Newspapers reported more stories than the Guardian within the six month under study. It was also found that the media did not show significant importance based on the placement of environmental issues on the newspapers and the media was biased in their coverage as most of the issues covered focused more on climate change than other issues. It was recommended that the media should pay full attention to all environmental issues and should give prominence to environmental issues in their coverage. Keywords: Newspaper Coverage, Communication, Sustainable Environment, Agenda Setting theory 0150