Abdul-azeez Dawodu. & Tinuoye Olaleye

Using secondary data from magazines, journal articles, reports, dissertations, thesis, books, and other internet sources, this article discussed the relationship between tourism and violence in Northern Nigeria. In contrast to previous research, the authors assessed the effect of terrorist activity shocks on tourism business on one side while focusing extensively on the aftermath of certain important economic repercussions of the tourism industry on the other hand in the Northern part of Nigeria. There were a number of intriguing outcomes that followed. To summarize these findings, the researcher discovered that terrorist incidents had a long-term negative impact on tourism profits as well as unfavorable effects on the number of tourists coming to the northern part of the country. Therefore, for great efficiency, government effort to revive the faltering economy needs to be supplemented with carefully thoughtout prevention strategies. Keywords: Development, Tourism, Terrorism, Impact, Menace 0150