Maliki Oshorenua Taye & Ezekiel Evelyn Ilamosi

The importance of innovation capabilities in driving economic growth and development cannot be overemphasized, particularly in today's competitive business landscape. However, there is a need to explore the link between entrepreneurship education and innovation capabilities in the context of Small businesses in the Developing Economy. This study examines the impact of entrepreneurship education on innovation capabilities among small businesses in the Developing Economy. The study also investigates the moderating effect of technological adoption on this relationship. This study employed a quantitative research approach, using a questionnaire to collect data from 300 Small Business owners/managers in Nigeria. The structural Equation Modelling approach was adopted for Analysis. The findings indicate that entrepreneurship education significantly influences innovation capabilities among Small businesses. Additionally, technological adoption moderates the relationship between entrepreneurship education and innovation capabilities. The study concludes that entrepreneurship education plays a crucial role in developing innovation capabilities among Small Businesses, and technological adoption enhances this relationship. Keywords: Entrepreneurship education, innovation capabilities, Small business, Nigeria, Technological Adoption 0150