Joseph, E. A. & Olabode, O. R.

Africa is a continent in the world, majorly occupied by black race. In this region of the world, developmental process is so backward that majority of her populace live in devastating abject poverty. They hardly can eat the standard three square meal, which is the basic measure for normal living. This is simply tied to nothing than the inability of the continent to develop her technical education system, such as the technical universities and/or the polytechnics education system. Rather than given priority to technical education, the conventional education system is highly embraced, such as the conventional universities education system, leaving the technical aspect of education to suffer a rejection mode by even the so-called leaders in the continent. As rightly known, technical universities and polytechnics offer higher education system which deals especially in science and technical subjects connected with practical use of machinery, methods e.t.c in science and industry. In this wise, this education system must be given the right atmosphere to operate, this will create a development platform that will lead to the development of the infrastructures that will enable industrialization in all ramifications and pull the citizens out of the teeth gnashing poverty. In simplicity, this paper looks at technical universities and/or polytechnics education, as a way of bringing the required development to Africa. It shall be based on the principle of secondary data research, thematically. Keywords: Technical University; Polytechnic; Development; Infrastructure; Africa 0150