Bada Olufunke & Akinbola Sherifat M.

The healthcare industry is going through a significant digitization change, with an increasing focus on data security, interoperability, and patient-centered strategies. Blockchain technology, which is well-known for being decentralized and tamper-proof, is proving to be a game-changing answer to these problems. Here we examines the review of blockchain, importance of blockchain in the society, components of blockchains the possible effects and applications of blockchain technology in healthcare and the research issues and future trends of blockchain in healthcare. The fundamental characteristics of blockchain, such as data immutability, transparency, and cryptographic security, give managing sensitive medical data a secure base. Blockchain makes ensuring that patient records, medical histories, and other important information remain tamper-proof and available only to authorized parties by creating a distributed ledger. As a result, data breaches and unauthorized access are protected and patient privacy is strengthened. Keywords: Blockchain, Healthcare, Decentralized 0150