Salau M. A., Fasasi S. K., Adesina A. And Ayandele A. A

This study investigates the Effect of Noninterest cooperative on the livelihood of rural households in Saki West local Government Area. The first stage involves the use of snow-balling sampling techniques to identify various noninterest co-operatives society in the study area. The second stage involves random selection of 14 respondents from each of the 7 non-interest co-operative societies spread across the Local Government Area of study. Making a total of 98 respondent’s interview through the use of structured questionnaire. The findings revealed 62.1% of the respondents were male, married (57.9%) with majority (62.22%) age fall between 30 – 50 years and have B. Sc./HND level of Education (21.05%). Also, 56.84% of the Cooperators have family size of 6 – 10 people with 43.7% having 1 -5 years of experience. The result revealed 45.26% of the cooperators utilized the Noninterest benefited loans for business expansion and pursuing family education. It was also revealed that, 48.2% of cooperators perceived capital sourcing while 34.74% perceived poor members attendance of meetings as major challenges facing the Non-interest Cooperatives. The Regression analyses results revealed age, gender, marital status and educational status as determinant factors that affect the collection and judicious utilization of Noninterest loan, while factors such as Household size, organization status and commercial bank affect the No-interest cooperatives negatively. It is hereby recommended that, awareness campaign should be intensified among the cooperators on importance of meeting attendance while the Non-interest cooperatives were advise to come together, pool resources together to initiate Non-interest Microfinance or Commercial bank that share their ideology for effective administration of the Cooperatives. Keywords: Non – interest loan, Cooperators, Cooperative society, finance 0150