Balogun, Sherif Babajide & Fatogun, Olukunle Ibukun

The study examined the financial performance and corporate governance of deposit money banks in Nigeria. The study made use of secondary data acquired from the selected Nigerian banks' audited financial statements during a ten-year period (2012-2021). Multiple linear regression analysis was used to assess the effect of the corporate governance variables on financial performance. According to the study, board size and board composition have a significant influence on returns on asset (ROA) and returns on equity (ROE). However the chief executive officers and audit committee have no significant impact on the return on asset and return on equity of money deposit banks in Nigeria. This means that banks should have a small board size since it will enable quick decision-making and cut out any unnecessary red tape. Members of the audit committee should also be given the freedom to accomplish their duties independently and without undue influence. Keywords: Corporate Governances, Financial Performance, Board Size, Board Composition 0150