Oluseye. A. R, & Solanke A. S

This research investigates the food service experience with technological integration and sustainable practices in the tourism industry, using secondary data from journal articles, magazines, reports, dissertations, thesis, books, and other research and internet sources. In contrast to the previous study on food service experience in the tourism industry, factors and different dynamics in the spectrum that affected or influenced travelers were discussed. Very few studies delved deeply into technology integration and sustainable practices in the food services and tourism industry. This study discovered new trends, technology benefits, and travelers' sustainable food service experience. Most tourism food vendors have lost potential customers in the food service area; therefore, there is a need to implement sustainable and technological trends. Sustainable practices will revolutionize the food service industry, enabling establishments to enhance efficiency, improve customer experiences, and adapt to changing consumer preferences. Technological advancements have significantly impacted food service operations like mobile applications, online ordering delivery, locally sourced food, and eco-friendly packaging. Therefore, the research suggests prioritizing technology to streamline processes and educating employees on the importance of sustainability to facilitate customer experiences. Keywords: Food Service, Tourism, Sustainable Practices 0150