Mobolaji Abati, & Olubukola Fakeye

This study examined the spate of depressive tendencies amongst Mass Communication students of the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro with a view to finding out the role of social media in reducing it sting on the students. Survey method was adopted to garner responses on common triggers of depression amongst 161 students, out of 180 sample chosen. The study revealed that poverty and lack of companionship are the most prominent triggers of depression among the students. 54.7 per cent of the respondents struggle to sustain themselves on campus, which is a direct reflection that poverty is a prominent trigger amongst the group. 81.4 per cent of them extremely crave to have money, and 72 per cent want to be financially independent, while listening to music, browsing, chatting and posting on whatsApp are major activities through which they find an escape from depression. The study suggested tracking of students social media posts which are a window to their moods for early detection of depressive tendencies. Keywords: Depression, Social Media, Companionship, Suicide 0150