Olufunke Ayegbusi And Olugbenga Babajide Soyemi

The research work was carried out to maintain the societal need for proper disposal of waste. Palm kernel shell (PKS) is found as a waste product. The process of disposing and recycling has been a problem which has led to economic and environmental issues. This research is limited to the impact of aggregate on the engineering properties of pervious concrete in the mix ratio 1:5 with a W/C ratio of 0.31, this can be without replacement or the partial replacement of the coarse aggregate(granite) with PKS to see the possible percentage that it can be used and recommended, for this purpose the following test were carried out; sieve analysis, specific gravity, compressive test, permeability test and water absorption test. After the procurement of the materials, the batching was done by weight. In this study following the percentages of aggregate were used for partial replacement 10%, 20% 30% 40% and 50% for PKS in the partial replacement. From the result from of the compressive strength was at its peak when the granite was at the partial replacement of 70% granite, 30% palm kernel shell for 7 days, 14 days and 28 days with the corresponding values of 5.325MPa, 6.189MPa and 7.364MPa respectively. Keywords: Palm Kernel Shell, Concrete, Agricultural waste, Aggregate 0150