Olabode, Bolanle Motunrayo & Salako, Oluwaseun Adewale

The workplace has a significant influence on an organisation. The majority of issues that employees encounter is work-related. By promoting a pleasant working culture within the firm, productivity may be boosted. The purpose of this study was to investigate the workplace and determine its impact on employee productivity. The study employed a descriptive and quantitative technique since primary data were gathered from the respondents. The study employed a questionnaire on a 5-point Likert scale and its target sample was made up of 282 workers of federal polytechnics in Ilaro. The data was collected and examined using SPSS software. The data were evaluated using a simple percentage analysis of responses in order to achieve the research's objectives. The results of the study show that giving employees a nice work environment will boost their morale and productivity. Furthermore, a comfortable physical workspace motivates workers to spend more time in their respective offices. A favourable work atmosphere also has an emotional impact on employees, who were less likely to take unnecessary sick days, be late for work, or exhibit other bad behaviours. Based on the results of the study, the researcher recommended the following things: The institution must devise a strategy for fostering a supportive work environment that will increase productivity and support worker health and safety. For the convenience of both the workers and customers, the company should ensure that each employee's workplace is consistently organised, spotless, and clean. Keyword: Work Environment, Employee Productivity, Workload, Worker, Organization0150