Tinuoye. O. I, & Solanke A. S

The study's overarching goal is to investigate the potential of creative tourism in Ilaro, and to determine how it might be used to encourage the continued improvement of the tourism industry. This study used a descriptive survey approach. Fifty people were chosen at random to participate in the study's sample. Members of the Ilaro community's academic and public service establishments were sampled. The information gathered for this research was analysed using descriptive statistics. The information was laid out in tables so that the outcomes could be grasped quickly and easily. Five-sixths of respondents agree with the conclusion reached by Ayeni and Eboho, 2012, that creative tourism is properly packaged to aid in the growth and sustainability of the industry in Ilaro; however, the absence of enough superstructure and facilities is most glaring in Ilaro, where the most of destinations are sited, and is compounded by the failure to sustain the little that are available, rather than multiply those facilities in capitals and large towns. The findings suggest that creative tourism might attract a diverse group of people in search of novel experiences as there is a growing interaction between the tourist economy and the arts. The research also suggests that to allow the sustainability of tourism in Ilaro, proper infrastructure should be put into place. Keywords: Creative Tourism, Development, Panacea, Promotion, Sustainable Tourism 0150