Mikail Olayiwola Olaniran And Joseph Seun Odunnaike

I transaction in business including real estate the well-known slogan is let the buyer beware. To avoid the probable risk the intending buyers do appoint agent(s) to act for them and on their behalves. Sometimes, however, the agents deliberately or inattentively do commit breach of contract that might harm or cause loss to the principals. This paper examined practical problems and prudence of estate survivors in overcoming negligence and hidden and apparent snares in real estate sale transactions in Ibadan. Administration of structured questionnaire was adopted to collect data from 60 estate survivors who had earlier prudently escaped some kinds of snare to willingly share their nasty experiences and how they handled it to reach favourable conclusion. Firstly, the respondents were asked to explain the facts of their cases, action(s) taken as duty of care to prevent it, and gains recorded. Data analysis was carried out by sorting and sieving 20 responses to pick 11 that have cohesion or are meaningful and the result was presented in tabular form with 3 columns. The study found that: agents acted prudently and with experience, patience and doggedness to serve their clients; cooperation of sellers, buyers and their lawyers with agents is germane to successful real estate sale transaction in Nigeria among others. It recommends that Estate Surveyors and Valuers should continue to discharge their duty with utmost good faith and to the best of their knowledge within the ambit of the law. Keywords: Estate Surveyors and Valuers, Ibadan, Pitfall, Prudence, Real Estate Sale Transaction 0150