Ayodeji B. Balogun , Timothy O. Matthew

The solar power system is the cleanest method of generating electricity and is effective and environmentally benign. After installation, a solar system necessitates minimal upkeep, provided that it remains unimpacted by environmental influences. If solar panels are regularly maintained and kept free from debris, they are expected to operate efficiently without any further intervention from the user for an extended period of time. This research aims to provide a practical method for increasing the efficacy of solar power systems and ensuring their durability through a predefined and preventive maintenance approach. Biodegradable soap and a wet, soft-textured cloth are recommended to be used to prevent damage, cracking, or breakage on the surface of the panel. It is advised to check the battery's tightness and carbon buildup every two weeks and quarterly. If debris is continuously cleaned from the panel's surface and other equipment is inspected and maintained on a regular basis, the system's efficiency and lifespan would be high, reducing users' costs. Keywords: Maintenance Routine, Solar PV System, Electricity, Efficiency 0150