Ronald Osei Mensah, Pius Mensah And Daniel Opoku

This qualitative study investigates the experiences and perspectives of digital consumers of crime victims of agricultural produce. This study aims to comprehend how victims experience and deal with the impact of cybercrime, as well as their perceptions of the effectiveness of the legal and criminal justice system in addressing cybercrime, through in-depth interviews with 12 digital consumers of agricultural produce associated with cybercrime. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the data. Data were processed in vivo. Based on the study findings, it was concluded that cybercrime victims endured a variety of emotional, psychological, and financial repercussions. Cybercrime has a profound emotional impact on victims with regard to feeling angry, frustrated, or violated. Victims also suffer significant financial losses, which puts them in anguish and financial difficulty. Furthermore, the study concluded that victims of cybercrime have conflicting views on how well civil and criminal justice systems work to combat it. Although some victims think that the judicial system works well for them, others believe it is slow and ineffective, which makes them feel frustrated and helpless. The study recommends the need for more effective support and assistance for victims of cybercrime with respect to digital consumers of agricultural produce. This study underscores the need for greater awareness of cybercrime, as well as more effective and efficient mechanisms for reporting, investigating, and prosecuting cybercrime. Keywords: Agricultural pro-duce; Cybercrime; Digital Consumers; Experiences; Perceptions; Victims 0150