John Lekan Akinode & James Olujoba Adegboye

Assessment is regarded as one of the key components of learning. Therefore, it is mandatory for students in different schools to be accessed before they can be promoted. Nowadays, most assessment are now completed on computers using online or locally connected computer-based exams. In order to swiftly and accurately offer answers using computers, students must possess the skills necessary for proper computer use. However, due to limitation and difficulties in operating a computer keyboard with several number of keys, visually impaired students have trouble operating computers. Voice input technology provides a range of devices and software that are capable of responding to human voices. Voice-based system allows visually impaired students to navigate exam qu estions using voice instructions. In this paper work, we presented a Voice-Based Electronic-Examination System that aims at reducing the challenges faced by students with visual impairments in taking examination. We have developed a prototype of the system using React JS and Node JS for building the web application. The software system was coded with React JS for the frontend and Node JS for the Backend. Similarly, the database was designed using MySQL database management system. KEYWORDS: Assessment, voice-based, visually impaired-Examination. 0150