Adewale Lateef Akanni, Godwin Chukwudi Obi And Olusola Olusegun Leramo

In respect to the challenges faced in poultry housing in tropical environment, this paper aims to suggest best possible dimension and construction designs to consider for optimum poultry production in a constantly changing environment. It is challenging and contentious to gain access to different poultry housing arrangements and understand how each impacts the welfare of the birds. However, poultry production is often hampered by poor housing conditions, which can lead to disease outbreaks, reduced productivity, and financial losses for farmers. Therefore, considering the climatic conditions in Yewa-south (tropical region), the battery cage is suitable for the birds for effective spatial usage and also for effective management and control of pests and diseases. This paper offers critical reviews on studies relating to effective housing system using qualitative research method and also adopting effective methods to mitigate the impact on the birds, so as to manage the ugliness of the situation when exposed to pest and diseases under such housing system. There are a number of effective housing systems that can be used for poultry production in Nigeria. Among the housing system, Intensive housing has attracted lots of attention due to its economic benefits. These systems vary in terms of cost, complexity, and suitability for different climates and production methods. Keywords: Battery cage, Poultry Production, Housing Systems, Tropical Region 0150