Adeoti, O.a , Alabi, A.o., Azeez, L.a., Babalola, J.o & Adedokun, S.o

This study evaluated the shelf life changes on the physicochemical, antioxidant, proximate compositions and sensory characteristic of yoghurt during cold storage for four weeks. Ginger dietary fiber was added to the yoghurt in different proportions (10 %, 20 %, 30 %, 40 % and 50 %) using standard technology adapted to laboratory conditions. The moisture content of the yoghurt decreases as the storage period increases while the protein content of the yoghurt increases as the storage period increases with the inclusion of dietary fibers. Addition of dietary ginger fiber increased the fiber content of yoghurt with the increase in storage period. Ginger fiber has a decreasing effect on the pH while the total soluble solids and total titratable acidity increases with the inclusion of fiber with storage period. The DDPH radical scavenging activity of the yoghurt increases as the concentration of the dietary ginger fiber increases over a period of four weeks. Inclusion of dietary ginger fiber improves the flavonoid content as the storage period increases. It can therefore be concluded that enrichment of ginger fiber at 20 % level is considered as the best in terms of the nutrient, physicochemical and antioxidant characteristic of the developed yoghurt. Keywords: Shelf life, yoghurt, cold, antioxidant, fiber 0150