Mobolaji Oluwaseun Abati & Ganiy Ajibola Kareem

The idea of sustainable development is centred on the concept of achieving the objectives of human development while maintaining normal systems' capacity to deliver the natural resources and ecosystem services that are essential to the functioning of the economy and society. This study focused on upskilling women with ICT through TVET for sustainable development in the nation’s economy. Survey method was adopted. The population of the study comprised academic and non-academic staff of three polytechnics across the senatorial districts in Ogun state. The study sampled 360 respondents through stratified and quota sampling methods. Questionnaire was deployed to gather data. Findings revealed that women's encouragement in TVET/STEM (beta =.897; p-value < .05 = .000) has the greatest significant benefit to improving sustainable development in the nation’s economy. Women motivation (beta = .083; p-value < .05 = .000). Findings also established that women sponsorship, motivation, encouragement and increase in ICT knowledge which implies upskilling through TVET/STEM will go a long way in sustaining socioeconomy development of the nation economy as well as bridging the gender gap in ICT leadership and position. The study recommended that stakeholders should endeavour to sponsor women in taking ICT courses in all of the TVET programmes across the state. While doing this, they should also motivate and encourage them whenever they seem to be demoralizing. Keywords: Upskilling Women, ICT, Sustainable Development, Nigeria’s Economy, TVET 0150