Kazeem Arije & Suliat Ogunleye

This research paper is an investigation into the impact of Naira redesign policy on performance of Micro and Small scale Enterprises in Ilaro town economy. The variables considered for the study are sales output (dependent variable), naira change, currency access, deadline notice representing independent variables. The study employed primary data and analyzed using multiple linear regression with the aid of Ordinary Least Square (OLS) by engaging Statistical Package For Social Sciences (SPSS). Results revealed that naira change has a negative impact on sales output of micro and small scale enterprises, while currency access and deadline notice has a positive impact on sales output of micro and small scale enterprises. The study concludes that naira redesign have positive and negative impact on the performance of Ilaro town economy. It was recommended that the CBN should improve the outflow of the currency by supplying enough currency to different banks in order to meet the satisfaction of their customers and CBN authority should extend the deadline notice of the old naira note, This would help the stability of the economy. Keywords: Currency Access, Deadline Notice, Enterprise, Naira Redesign and Sales Output0150