Dawodu Hakeem O., Bako, Yusuf Adebola, Olopade Oluwaseun John

The legal business environment in Nigeria is characterized by complexities in legal frameworks, inadequate infrastructure, and bureaucratic hurdles, poses significant obstacles for SMEs' operations, growth, and sustainability in the country. Therefore, the veritable purpose of this study is to investigate how law and business environment affected the operations of SMEs in Nigeria. The study adopted a conceptual review technique which was based on existing literatures on the antecedents of the Nigerian legal system, with an emphasis on the essential elements influencing SMEs practice in the country. The conceptual and empirical findings of the study revealed that there significant effect of legal system on operations of SMEs in Nigeria. The study concluded that inconsistent legal system will hampered the effective operations of SMEs in Nigeria and thus will cause huge unemployment rate as well as other economic and social crisis. In view of the above, the study recommends that there should be consistent legal system framework in order to create a favorable business climate for effective operation of SMEs in Nigeria. Also there should be for room for legal system reorganization as well as creative support from the government officials and other important parties for effective and sustainable legal framework smooth operations of SMEs. Key words: Legal, Business Environment, and Operations of SMEs 0150