Enemaku, Lawrence Ebenehi & Ogunlade, Christopher Bamidele

The application of agricultural machineries and associated working implement has revealed the immense contribution of technological revolution to agricultural production within Ilaro agro ecological environs. This was evident owing to the continual expanse of land area under cultivation, decrease in human labour utilization and the bumper harvest associated with this application. Agro-machinery rental services providers mediate between the farmers and its stakeholders in ensuring the delivery of quality services such as hiring of machineries, equipment and other necessary farming inputs which meets the needs of end-users’ farmers through a defined system. This necessitated the need to review the prospects of tractor value chain services in Ilaro, using the performance of existing private and public agro-service providers. Fifty (50) farmers with over 1 – 1.5 hectares of land under agricultural cultivation were randomly selected. Information provided through the use of developed questionnaire were used as data to analyze the level of patronage, affiliated challenges and the prospects that lies ahead with tractor value chain services in the locality. Keywords: Agriculture, Tractor, Rental, Farmers, Ilaro. 0150