Adegorioye Oluwole Adeyeye & Doris C. Osuagwu

Music concerts have evolved beyond simple entertainment to become significant cultural phenomenon with wideranging economic effects that have not been tapped into by many communities. In this paper, the dynamic relationship between music festivals and sustainable economic growth is examined, along with other potential advantages. This study also explores the wide cultural and social ramifications of music events, emphasizing how they foster regional artistic expressiveness, civic involvement, and social cohesiveness. It emphasises how these events boost local economies by promoting tourism, creating jobs, and fostering business expansions. Through archival research and analysis of previous studies on music concerts, this study explores the direct and indirect economic effects of musical performances. Results from this study reveal that responsible management of musical events and their creative sustenance, encourage long-term economic development as the rhythmic pulse of culture meets the pulse of wealth. It highlights the need for investments in Music concerts and provides practical suggestions for policymakers and event organizers to maximize the sustainable economic contributions of musical performances. KEYWORDS: Music festivals, Concerts, Economic development, Sustainable economy 0150