Lawal I A, Imran M O, Azeez G O & Idris S F

This work was conducted to determine the level of carbohydrate, crude fat, protein, ash content, crude fibre, few phytochemical constituents (saponins, Flavonoids, alkanoids, phenolic, phytate, tannins), minerals elements(calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorus) and vitamins(A and E) in three different flours(sorghum, wheat and millet). The results obtained show that carbohydrate was found in appreciable amount in all samples with a range of 82.59±1.00 to 87.63±1.00. The ash content ranged from 0.75±0.10 in sorghum to 1.71±1.00 in wheat. There is no significant difference in crude fiber for all samples and it ranges from 0.46±0.10 in sorghum to 1.05±1.00 in wheat. The crude fat levels ranging from 0.26±0.10 to 0.59±0.10 and the highest level was observed in wheat. Saponin levels were high in wheat and millet (0.38±0.01) and sorghum having the lowest value of (0.09±0.00). A considerable level of alkaloid was present in wheat having the highest amount of 1.81±1.00. There is no significant difference in oxalate present in all samples. 0.80± 0.01 was found in wheat. The highest value of Flavonoids content( 0.90±0.01)was found in millet flour. Phenolic was highest in sorghum flour with mean values of (0.84 ±0.01). Vitamin E ranges from 0.67±0.01 in sorghum flour to 0.31±0.01 in wheat flour. Vitamin A level in sorghum (0.05±0.00) was ranked lowest. All the cereals flour were rich in magnesium, iron and phosphorus while a high level of calcium was observed in sorghum (91.50±1.00). Considerate amount of zinc was found in all samples. Cadmium is almost absent in all samples with sorghum and wheat having values of 0.01±0.00 each. Lead was absent in all samples. This study revealed that each cereals is rich in some of the nutrients than others, therefore, combination of these cereals in diet with little quantity of wheat will produced more nutrients to the body than consuming a particular cereals alone when trying to substitute for tuber flour. Key words: sorghum flour, wheat flour, millet flour, Minerals, phytochemical, vitamins 0150