Rasaki Akanni Raji & Michael Tanpinnu Idowu

This research assessed TVET innovation practices on Tertiary Institution in Ogun State using the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro as study area. The variables employed were Strategy & Management; Teachings & Learning and Ecosystem Management as specific objectives while outcomes and performance are dependent variables employed which shows the results and achievement recorded amidst crisis such as Covid-19 pandemic. The research employed 222 respondents as sample size using Glenn D. Isreal model of sampling determination and data were analyzed using correlation and regression. The result obtained was p-value 0.000 at 5% significant level. It was found that all variables had positive and significant results except Ecosystem management. It was concluded that Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro should continue with all strategy TVET innovation practices employed in the past and increase it relationships on ecosystem management. It was recommended that continue to engage at social innovative practices and introduce practical apprenticeship system to it student to increase more employability in the labour market. Keywords: Apprenticeship, Tertiary-Institution, TVET-Innovation, Social, Practices, Employment 0150