Adesioye, Adeleke Oludare

This paper examine the digital music technology in the aspect of Trans-border performances between selected Nigerian artist and Ghanaian artists. In view of considering the challenges and prospects within the digital economy and trace the historic patterns of collaboration between the two countries. The study aim at filling the gap in knowledge by appraising and interrogating the technology used in music production which musicologist have little or none discuss on this subject matter, Furthermore the study followed anthropological model of research which are non-participant observation, focus group discussion, key informant interview and primary and secondary data sources. The conceptual framework was based on the social dynamism theory and relevant literature were reviewed for the study. The study reveals that the collaboration of artist in digital recording and performances, has posit West Africans on the international page at large. Awards like BET, GRAMMY, OSCAR and among other are getting the attention of West African artist through their various collaboration. Also the Afropop has a genre has been well received by the international communities. Furthermore Africans are now creating their own recognize patterns like the Amapiano a term in the African hip-hop movement. Festival to further foster the relationship between African artists have been founded and well attended like the AFRIMA. The study recommend that West African should further collaborate with other African countries within the North, South and East Africa. The study concludes that talent from Africa is within, and such talent can be promoted through digital music technology and artist should have a mastery of their craft and posit Africa where it belongs as world music in the international space and apart from Angeli Kidjo and Burna Boy more artist should work harder of attaining Grammy and other notable awards. Keywords: Artist, music production, Grammy, Africa, Afropop 0150