Mobolaji Olarinre Ogunjimi & Olufemi Olalekan Okedairo

The study examines the contextualization and cultural identity of gospel music among Christian in Ogun State. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design. Population comprises of all Music Students from Music department in Federal College of Education Abeokuta, Ogun State. A random sampling technique was used to select 100 respondents as sample for the study. Instrument for data collection was a 6 item questionnaires on four point scale. The instrument was subjected to a test-retest reliability using teachers outside the population. The data collected were analyzed using multiple regression analysis. The hypotheses were tested at .05 level of confidence. The study revealed that worship in an African milieu is imperative for the Yoruba Christians in order to experience holistic and fulfilling worship. If the ritual experience does not support the attainment of this goal, then yearning for indigenized Christian worship would be unfulfilled. Therefore, it is concluded that the process of contextualization and cultural identity cannot be ignored if the message of the Gospel music is to be a part of life of the people. It is highly recommended that the church should conceptualizes the Gospel without compromise and the church should be able to speak to the cultures of all the people represented Keyword: Contextualization, Cultural Identity, Gospel Music, Christian, Ogun State 0150