Taiwo Ajibose & Raji Oluyemi

Fire is the most common and occurring accidental hazards that normally occurs in our homes, work places, factories, chemical and processing industries. The pool fires are the most and frequent huge loss of lives and property which are caused by arson and accidental fire in such that can be affected by other equipment of plants and the environment with severe consequences. Modelling of such phenomenon helps in the risk assessment analysis. The works that examine the model which predict the pool fires in the burning rate with fire ranging from 0.1m in diameter in an experimental scale compartment (centre). The fire location and compartment have a significant impact on the rate of heat release rather than in the transitional use of a simple derived equation with their full range of the impact of pool fire location in a computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Modelling allows greater knowledge of the pool fire that provides the ability to enable and understand the complex scenario. The research is outline in the evaluation of the fire dynamics (FDS) analytical modelling of pool fires burning rates Keywords: pool fires, fire growth, FDS. Fire 0150