Odeyemi Bibilomo Abiola & Oyedeji Abdulrasaq Olalekan

This study investigated the proximate and elemental compositions, gross calorific values (GRV) and net calorific values (NRV) of the seed of Castenea sativa as possible biomass for renewable energy source. The moisture content was determined to be 2.06%. The elemental analysis revealed the presence of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, with carbon at 52.05% and oxygen 29.48% being the most prominent. The net calorific value of the seed is found to be 12.38 MJ/Kg. These results can help in the provision of a theoretic base and statistics to support the further exploitation of Castenea sativa seed as biomass source renewable energy. Keywords; Renewable energy, elemental analysis, biomass, castenea sativa, combustion 0150