Adegbesan Ololade Oluwatosin And Dahunsi B.i.o

Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions are being encouraged to align themselves to the growing calls for the execution of green strategies as desired by the United Nations in their collective agenda for accomplishing the targets of the sustainable development goals by 2030. Achieving the green strategies are dependent on quality education (SDG 4), sustainable and resilient infrastructure (SDG 9) and providing for all access to adequate, safe and affordable housing (SDG 11). All these are hinged on TVET because it is critical in addressing knowledge and skills challenges to achieving the targets of SDGs. Unsustainable human settlements environments coupled with environmental degradation as a results of nuisance caused by improper disposal of agricultural wastes necessitated re-orienting education and training at all levels on how to convert some of the agricultural wastes to sustainable materials that can be used to ease the ever increasing cost of providing affordable housing to the low income earners. This necessitated probing the potentials of Maize Cob Ash (MCA), an agricultural waste as sustainable substitute for cement by determining its pozzolanic capabilities through only calcinations but no laboratory work on the compressive strength of concrete cube made with MCA. Maize cobs were got from farms and sun dried properly before being calcined at temperatures ranging from 4000C to 9500C. The chemical composition of the resulting ash from its calcination determined through chemical analysis and X-ray diffraction (XRF). The results got from the chemical analysis, XRF and the control cement and comparing same with the standard stipulated by ASTM C618 for pozzolans showed that MCA calcined at the optimum calcining temperature of 8000C has the highest summation of the three major oxides that determine how pozzolanic the waste is. The results are indication that MCA can suitably be used as cementitious materials. Keywords: Housing, Cement, Maize Cob Ash, Pozzolanic, SDG, TVET 0150